Single Property Websites
Syndicate your single property sites to 30+ search portals!
single property website example

What you get with a single property site

  • Easily create single property websites for each of your properties (rentals or for sale).
  • Upload up to 24 photos for each property site.
  • Receive instant email and text alerts when a new renter or homebuyer makes contact.
  • Customize the look with your logos, branding and photos.
  • Each page comes with a unique url and embed code enabling you to share your pages where you want.
  • Your properties are automatically syndicated to top real estate search portals such as Zillow, Trulia, AOL Real Estate, Yahoo Real Estate, etc.
You Also Get...
Instant Lead Alerts
Instant email and text lead alerts when new prospects make contact. This allows you to get in front of leads quickly.
Tracking Reports
Views, clicks and lead tracking reports for every page. See views per city, what links are clicked, refer source and lead source.
Photo Gallery
Really make your lead capture pages stand out by adding a photo gallery with up to 25 photos.
Listing Syndication & Easy Sharing
All listings are automatically syndicated to real estate directories and we offer easy Craigslist posting & social sharing options. is a division of Go Smart Solutions, LLC. Copyright ©2005 - 2021 Go Smart Solutions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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